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About Us

Founder and President, Samuel J. Donald (Sam) is passionate, to his core, about music, art, history and his beloved city, Detroit. He turned his love for music into an organic opportunity to host lectures and custom tours on the history and deeply rooted impact of Detroit musicians and creative artists. Sam's 20 plus years music management and education makes him an  expert on Detroit Music History.

Understanding the need to ensure the city’s legacy, he decided his love letter to Detroit music would be a museum, ‘Detroit Musix House,’ dedicated to showcasing the hometown artists that have changed the music game.’ This space would not only have the traditional museum features, there will also be programming offered to the local K-12 youth, enriching their creative talents and curiosities. An arts, education and cultural tourism non-profit, Detroit Musix aims to educate the masses about the musical roots of Detroit, while preserving and sustaining the artistry of culture.

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