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Detroit Musix will introduce you to a variety of music traditions from 6 genres of music Detroit artists pioneered and excelled in; these include gospel, jazz, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, rap, and techno. Our lecture series will explore the historic, social, and cultural contexts and movements that impact the creation and performance of Detroit music, including the instruments and voices that create the Detroit sound. Detroit Musix lectures will also examine how technology, mass media, politics, and dance contributed to the spread and influence of Detroit-style music globally.


Detroit Musix are live music enthusiasts and  experts in mobilizing local talent to create the performance experience you envision. We create customizable performance packages specializing private functions such as corporate events, galas, ceremonies, fundraisers, expos and weddings. We infuse every event with energy and fun and authentic Detroit flavored that will fill your dance floor or move you from the inside


Explore Detroit, from the unique perspective of our Detroit natives, who will guide you on a memorable historical walking and bus tour of the Motor City. Our walking tour includes an introduction to some of our most celebrated landmarks, musical sites, and hidden gems that make the home of Motown such a special place to visit. During the tour, you’ll learn about the mission, vision and future of Detroit Musix which  seeks to strengthen the synergy between arts, public health and business sectors to support the success of Detroit talent and protect Detroit’s cultural assets.

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